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Combined Overprints

While checking Trevors blog I  found an interesting article about combined overprints. As a rule of thumb, combined overprints are more rare as the “simple” ones. Exceptions are special types like the small boxed overprints on low kopeck values. Besides … Continue reading

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From 3 to 35 – the 35 Kopeck Overprint

While browsing the “3” Kopeck overprint I stumbled over the description of a second genuine type of the 35 K overprint in Rays Forgery Guide. This is a scan of the front cover. And here is the passage about the 35 K … Continue reading

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Who knows this signature?

Any help very much appreciated 🙂

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More of the 3

I got some really interesting comments on the “3” post a few days ago. So I decided to check my collection. There are three types of stamps that were overprinted with a single “3” digit. First there is the “3” … Continue reading

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