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Chassepot printing works paris

Forgeries of the Fiscal Overprint on the Paris Issue stamps

The so called Paris issue or Chassepot issue (the name of the printing works in Paris) was never brought into use since once it arrived in Erevan, the Armenian communist had taken over and the Dashnaks who ordered this issue … Continue reading

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Rare Chassepot Design Proofs

Within the issues of the Chassepot printing a lot of essays and errors are known. All of those can also be found – in different compositions – in the book of proofs that were made by Behr after buying them … Continue reading

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New addition to the site – The Book of Proofs

I just finished adding a new page dealing with the Chassepot Issue of Paris. You can find this when navigation the menu on top of the site. It is a subpage of “stamp issues”. As special treat, I have added … Continue reading

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