Stamp Issues

Fore Runners 1918 – 1919

Stamps of the Russian Empire Used in the Republic of Armenia from 28.6.1918 till July 1919.

Dashnak Overprints 1919 – 1920

Stamps of the Russian Empire overprinted during the reign of the Dashnaks (First Republic) using hand-stamps. All overprints have been extensively forged. Even today new forgeries are being made.

k 60 k – August 1919

Framed Z – November 1919

Unframed Z – November 1919

Ruble Overprints (HH) – March 1920

Mixed Overprints (Rubles on framed and unframed Z)  – March 1920

Pictorials 1920-1923

Chassepot Issue (also Paris Issue) 1920

Printed in Paris in the Chassepot printing shop on account of the First Republic. When ready for delivery to Armenia, the Armenian Bolshevists had already taken over. They were never issued. Only some stamps got an overprint and were used for fiscal duty.

There are proofs and essays (see also Book of Proofs) and reprints (forgeries).

First Essayan Issue (also First Constantinople Issue) 1921

Printed in Constantinople in the Essayan printing shop. With the exception of on stamp it was only issued with overprints. Used during December 1921 till September 1923.

Artist proofs, color trials and essays exist. Reprints and forgeries exist.

Second Essayan Issue (also Second Constantinople Issue) 1922

Printed in Constantinople in the Essayan printing shop. Used only overprinted from February 1922 till September 1923.

Reprints and forgeries exist.

Erivan Issue 1922

Printed in the printing shop of the Peoples’ Commissariat of Finance of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic in Erivan. Used only overprinted from October 1922 till May 1923.

Essays exist, also reprints and forgeries. There are even forgeries of the essays.