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Where is Nikolaevka Elisavetpol?

While working on the Transcaucasian Star Overprints (used almost exclusively in Azerbaijan) I found a scan of this Money Transfer Form ex B. Taylor collection. This item is extremely rare and interesting for the following reasons: Latest documented use of … Continue reading

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Is my postal item legit and without faults?

Recently I bought some postcard / cover with cancels from the Caucasus region I found attractive and wanted to add to my cancel collection for later reference. Also useful for documenting used inks and types of devices. When I received … Continue reading

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Star Overprints: A Mysterious Cover – which address is correct?

While gathering material for a collection of the Transcaucasian star overprints I bought the following item. A bit roughly opened but looking quite interesting and showing a lot of cachets and added script texts. A typical oversee letter. There are … Continue reading

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