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Hello again – an old “friend” visits

A while ago I wrote about an item that was offered at Cherrystone. See here for details:  A real rarity … really? Cherrystone withdraw the item and apologized. Now the owner took the item to a different auction house. The 32. … Continue reading

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Unusual pairs

One reader of my blog send me this scan. The overprints are looking good. They are most likely genuine – the framed Z looking like E6. What makes those items rare is the combination of framed and unframed Zs. This … Continue reading

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The 25000 rubles perforated

I blogged about this item and how rare it is. At the end of the post I asked the readers to provide scans if the own one of those. So far I got several mails with scans but no genuine … Continue reading

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Raritan auction #66

A short comment to the current auction at Raritan. The Armenian stuff looks quite good. The got some interesting items. For example that one: This is one of the more difficult overprints. If the basic features (stamp itself) are ok, … Continue reading

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