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Forged items at pro auctions – a small update

I do not check every auction for forged items. But sometimes I do and often I send them a mail. Of course this is not always met with enthusiasm. Especially, when the items are already on the internet listing. And sometimes … Continue reading

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Shades of the 250 ruble stamp from the first Essayan pictorial issue

Reading the comment from Trevor about the rare stamps of this set, I put together some material about the 250 ruble stamp. Here are the main shades of the basic stamp as I found in my collection. The 3rd and … Continue reading

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Rare stamps of the first Essayan pictorial set

If you want to collect all stamps from this set, you face not much hurdles. The most obvious problem are the forgeries and the reprints. Once you got that sorted out the stamps are quite common and you wont need … Continue reading

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Recent Additions – the gutter block

The latest addition to my collection is this horizontal gutter block (a pair is only two stamps). The basic stamp is the 2000 ruble value from the unissued first Essayan set. With all the pictorial sets it is important to … Continue reading

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