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Eyecandy: Four Times the 50 Rubly Overprint on Charity Stamps

  This block of four features: – two canceled (to order) stamps – two mint stamps – the more common Erivan “m” cancel that is most of the time found on CTO (canceled to order) stamps – an overprint flaw: … Continue reading

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Forged Overprints on Reprints

Currently on Delcampe: 10 lots offered by the same seller sharing a common flaw – the stamps are reprints and the overprints are all fake. A rather strong self-confidence probably in conjunction with ignorance of the details of the stamps … Continue reading

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Nice and typical example of one of the easier to spot unframed Z forgeries

The shape of the unframed “Z” is very typical and once you know it, quite easy to spot. Enjoy this forgery offered on Delcampe for meager 72 Euro. Dead giveaway: both handles are tilting down facing the floor.

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