Bund Philatelistischer Prüfer e. V.

An organisation of experts that provide stamp certification services. The BPP is well known for its high standards. Located in Germany but not limited to German areas.

The Rossica Society of Russian Philately

The website of the famous organization dedicated to Russian Philately including the stamps of the Republics that appeared after World War I (e.g. Armenia).

ARGE Russland

The German Society for collectors of Russian stamps. I have published several articles regarding Armenian stamps in the organizations journal.

Suchmaschine für Briefmarkenprüfer

A German website with an excellent search engine for expertizing marks and signatures.

Stamp expertizing – Stamp Expert Marks

A website dedicated to the small, sometimes fancy signs and marks on the back side of the stamps. Very useful.

Trevor Pateman

A specialized dealer and the only dealer I know, who has detailed knowledge about Armenian stamps. Click here for his Blog. World-wide literature for philately and postal history

You can buy books there. It has a Russian section.

Heinrich Köhler Auction House

An excellent source of material and with high standards. Located in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Corinphila Auction House

Another Auction house with high standards and reputation. Located in Switzerland.

Hellman Auctions Finnland

A smaller auction house. You can find Armenian stamps by selection “Items” and then entering the “Transcaucasia” section.


An auction house with many Russian stamp lots. They have Armenian stuff from time to time.


A large auction house with lots Russian material, also quite regularly Armenian lots.

Loral Stamps – Russia and related areas

The site of a specialized dealer. Click here to go directly to the Armenian stuff.