Who knows this signature?

Any help very much appreciated 🙂

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  1. Dr. Ray Ceresa says:

    I have nearly 300 different ‘signatures’ in my reference collection which is still growing, 5 excellent most of the time, 80 which occur on good and bad stamp somewhat randomly, 5 which occur on forgeries most of the time (including various Stolow, and one for which it occurs on forgeries 99.99% of the time (I have just one genuine stamp so signed), namely RICHTER, RICHTER (in Italic script), or Richter. Also I have three forged signatures, Maison Romeko, Bulat and my own, Dr.R.J.Ceresa but fortunately only a few of these. The collector must also be aware of forged certificates where a forged stamp photograph replaces the genuine stamp photograph, all else being genuine. One eBay seller utilises completely forged certificates cunningly produced by combining scans of text (for style) signatures and forged stamps.

  2. I think this signature is THIER. On all the stamps I have seen it is applied twice: once to authenticate the stamp and once to authenticate the overprint. In my experience, it is a reliable mark – but I am not confident that more experience would confirm this. Thier may just have been lucky in the stamps he handled.

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