Raritan Auction #54 online

Again new material! Several new lots with Armenian stamps – mostly momograms – are listet. Nice items overall, just the collections contain many forgeries. While the first page looks almost good, on the following pages the genuine overprints are scarce… As always its buyers job to scan the items and calculate the value. I guess the auction house uses some rule of thumb going from the count of the containing stamps in order to produce a kind of catalog value. When you imaging doing this for business you have to limit the effort you put into a lot in contrast to the money you can earn. Makes no sense to spent several days when the gain is 200 bucks. So I guess its sometimes too much they charge and sometimes you can buy cheap. But still, I wonder if you not end up spending too much money when buying collections most of the time. Another thing that comes to mind when browsing the collection pages: there are a lot of empty cases. I cant help to think that probably someone took out the more interesting items before offering the collection.

So enjoy the new material, but be sure to check what you are bidding on is worth your money 🙂


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