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Corinphila of Switzerland offers some very interesting lots. They are generally doing a great job offering serious material in a serious way. There are two collections (Lot 2679 and Lot 2680), featuring ruble overprints and Yerevan pictorials respectively, as well as a single lot with the rare small boxed Z overprint (Lot 1767) and last but not least a lot with pre-philatelic letters (Lot 1766).

Here a link to the auction.

More Armenian material can be bought at Harmers SA also of Switzerland. No collections here but some old friends say hello again.

The chalk paper proofs. I think that is an interesting lot and the price has already dropped a lot since the initial demand for this kind was satisfied a year ago or so. Still they are offered almost every couple of months at different auction houses and seem to find no buyer at the moment.


This cover too seems unable to find a buyer for some time now. Offered several times on Cherrystone, now in Switzerland. I wonder why. Besides the high starting price – the cancel looks very unclean. It reminds me a bit at the forged cancel cut outs that came from Armenian sellers in the last three years or so. It would be interesting to study this cover in detail…

colorful letter


A well-known lot with the forged 35 overprint. Usually offered on Cherrystone.

35 fake


This is a so called Serebrakian letter. A nice item made and sent by Serebrakian himself. The starting price seems already quite high here too.

serebrakian letter

Let’s see if this stuff is finding a buyer. Cheers.


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