When Serious Material is Provided – Armenian Material is Selling Strong

It is nice to see a lot reach almost or even more than the double of its starting price. Even more, when such an exotic field like Armenian stamps is involved. And we are talking about stamps, not even covers. Last but not least, the final figures show, there was some serious money spent.

Five examples: two from Raritan Stamp Auction #56, March 08, 2013 and three from the 177.-180. Corinphila auction.

Lot #266 from Raritan: “Nice Early Overprints and Surcharges Collection in Illustrated Album”

266That one sold for 2200 USD and that is without the buyers 15% premium. If I remember correctly it started a bit below 2000 USD.

Lot #267 from Raritan: “Monograms Overprints and Surcharges Blocks and Multiples Collection”

267That one went from 450 USD to 1800 USD – again without buyers premium. Really nice material and only some forgeries (like the stamps in the upper right corner).

Lot #2680 from Corinphila: “Armenia 1923: Specialised Collection Yerevan pictorials”


Starting at 1800 CHF it rose til 4400 CHF – and you have to add the buyers premium. Genuine material and detailed descriptions did have the desired effect.

Lot #1767 from Corinphila: “1920/21: Overprints, two beautifully matched 15 k. perf. blocks of four”


Rising from 400 CHF to 850 CHF – a very solid achievement.

Lot #2679 from Corinphila: “Armenia 1920/21: Specialised Collection 83 used/unused stamps including multiples all of Combined Surcharges rouble over unframed ‘Z’ surcharges”


A very interesting collection. You can see the effort put into this. And again this was not lost: starting at 2000 CHF it went to 3800 CHF.


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  1. vasilis says:

    I think that lot 266 of Raritan was not really worth the realization ($2200 without the 15%). Take scans 2 and 3 of that lot: most (if not all) of the overprints are forgeries!

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