A perfect impression

While looking through material I got to make opinions for I found a stamp with a perfect impression of a 100 ruble HH cancel impression. I never have seen a similar perfect example. This is more rare than one would probably expect. A very beautiful item!

The material is from a dealer, so you can expect the item to appear on the market soon.

Enjoy!10r HH perfect


ps: Of course this is extremely valuable when checking overprints. I wish I would have such fine specimens of all the overprints.

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2 Responses to A perfect impression

  1. These perfectly clear impressions of the 100 R. HH surcharge on the 10 R. perf on this dark shade are in my opinion counter surcharges and are often inverted. For a little extra cash the clerk would not only take care in overprinting but also carefuly ink the stemple. The late Serebrakian had a number of examples in his collection produced at his request.

    • Stefan says:

      Ray, it is nice to here from you. I agree, the clerk did indeed put extra effort into producing this one. Another possible source of this is Melik Pashaev, who had all the overprint and cancel devices cleaned and produce a lot of CTO material – typically with the Erivan k cancel.

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