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The seller is an experienced professional doing expertising for Tanu Tuva and, if I am not mistaken, for some of the Russian stamps. He got advanced knowledge of the stamps of Armenia, but I guess he is more of a seller when it comes to his auction items. While some look good, more are clear fakes. You have to read carefully and when you find this:

Due to the fact that almost all Armenian stamps were counterfeit we will sell it strictly on AS IS basis.

You know now that you have to think for yourself. This also overrides the other section of the same page:

Please bid with confidence - I am an APS and APEX member.
All stamps offered for sale are genuine (if not otherwise stated)

On the plus side: he offer good scans. All together more then you get from other sellers om ebay or Delcampe.

Here two examples that found a buyer last week.

ebay item1

The basic stamp looks like it could be genuine, the overprint needs closer inspection. If genuine, really rare and worth much more. Fantails or partly perforated genuine stamps of this issue are very rare – if they exist at all.

ebay item2

That one is an obvious fake. The overprint looks nothing like the genuine one and the basic stamp is also a forgery.

ebay item4

The shape of the overprint is completely wrong. The picture of the stamp does not show the “secret” marks.

ebay item3

The ink penetrates the stamp (wrong!) and the gum is the shiny type of the so called reprint forgeries.

This item is not worth the 20 bucks spent.

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  1. I agree completely with Stephan in all respects.

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