Modern forgeries

Got a mail from a dealer regarding this item, which is clearly fake. A typical example of the modern (around 2000) cancel forgeries apparently origination in Armenia. A first giveaway is the blank cover. The forger did not finish his work on this item. I already collected one or two handful of those cancel forgeries. Once you are aware of this type and have seen several you spot them quite easy. The ink color and style, unclean appearance are always the same. I bought it at the end in order to show it here.

fake cover 270223 front web

The cancel details.

fake cover 270223 detail web

The ink is wrong and uneven applied. Characters and date figures incorrect.

Btw, this type of the Novo Bayasets cancel is very rare. If you own an item with this cancel I would love to get a high resolution scan.

Add: Here some examples from the collection in the Gallery.

bob detail 1_1

I got the same fake cancel on a cut out piece. Bought it on the web (Delcampe or eBay) from a seller from Armenia. Very unclean appearance. Characters and date figures wrong. General measurements near to genuine.

bob detail 4_1

Again unclean and kinda fuzzy. The date figures are dizzy and different from the genuine ones.

bob detail 2_1

And one more.

The stamps and overprints are genuine – from what I have seen so far. I do not think the cancels were made using printers. Toner prints look different – you get to see the particles when zooming in and ink printed cancels do not look so unclean and uneven (ink-wise).

Perhaps a cliche was made from bronze or gum?

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  1. I don’t have any examples of these forged cancellations so have not checked to see if they are digitally produced. If they are printed digitally then Digimicro or similar inexpensive equipment would quickly identify the dicontinous outlines of our ring, etc,

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