The Erivan Pictorials

I am working on a sub page presenting the stamps and overprints of the Erivan Pictorial Issue. You can find it on the mene right under Stamp Issues or you follow this link: The Erivan Pictorial Issue

This is work in progress.

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  1. Ivo Steijn says:

    Great stuff, Stefan! I was always confused by the stamps in unissued colors, as they are also of slightly different sizes to the issued stamps. It would be easy to think of them as a fantasy issue, but then why are they so rare? Most fantasy issues were printed in great numbers…

  2. Haik N says:

    Thank you for the page.
    The statement “The stamps were never used without surcharge.” confused me. Does that mean that all the genuine stamps should have a surcharge stamped on them, i.e. all the pictured stamps in the page are fake?

    • Stefan says:

      No there are not fake, but not part of an official issue. They were never sold without overprint and were never valid for postal use. Just like the paper for the stamp. They used paper to produce the stamps. But the paper was not an official stamp yet. The overprint made an official stamp out of paper with nice pictures/images.
      Most catalogs only list stamps that were part of an official issue.

  3. Haik N says:

    Thank you for the clarification.
    Does that mean that the surcharge was stamped afterwards, probably at the time of sales?
    Hence can we say that if there is a surcharge it should (99,9%) also have a cancellation?

  4. Stefan says:

    Yes it was stamped before the stamp went to sale at the post office. It then only got a cancellation when it was used postally (for a letter or something). Sometimes stamps were also cancelled to order for selling to collectors.
    Like with stamps today you can buy them and then not use them. There are much more genuine stamps without cancellation then with. A few exceptions exist like when CTO stamps are all that is left (and some other cases that are not valid in this area, like Russia #1).

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