Cover with doubtful Erivan d cancel at Raritan

This cover is being offered at the current Raritan auction.

321When the stamp is placed so clean and nice away from the text I am always curios: was it added later? Because the scan is really low res I will give it the benefit of doubt but I am quite certain that cancel is fake. It also looks more like a revenue document then a letter. But since I cannot read the text I am not sure about this.


You can see how bad the resolution is. In my opinion the auction houses should offer good scans as part of the service so here is some room for improvement. But back to the cancel. The serial character “d” is not showing its typical form with thickening of lines where the “up strike” and the main bode touches. Also the “swing” at top is too thin and missing its thickened part. The dot between month and year is missing too and since the impression is quite clear it should show.

Now I need a high res scan.


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