The postal stationary of Armenia

Together with the first overprints on stamps the Armenian postal office also overprinted postal stationary. While the stamps, starting with the k60k overprints are well known, the stationary are not. It even took a couple of years before the stationary reached the the western collectors. As a result they avoided the first years of the massive forging efforts and so far not much forgeries are known. The stationary itself are also not available in abundance and you need to search for them.

At the end of 1919 the base Armenian postal stationary was produced by applying a “30. kop” overprint. This matches the postal rate for postcards and correspondents well to the 60 Kopeck postal rate for letters that were addressed by the k60k overprinted stamps. Not much later the stationary received an addition overprint, a framed Z. Apparently not all were used up and the remaining items got a 5r HH rubles overprint. This leaves us with three types:

  1. plain “30. kop” overprint
  2. combined “30. kop” and framed Z (type E6)
  3. combined “30. kop” and HH monogram (5r HH)

Here two pictures of #2 used and unused.

The used postal stationary is from the Bob Taylor collection. So far I have seen about 10 used type 2 and all of them were Serebrakian made.

Right now I am in contact with the Michel catalog guys so these items will be listed in the postal staionary catalog (Michael Ganzsachen Katalog).

I still need scans and data about the other types or none Serebrakian type 2. If you can provide scans I would be deeply grateful.

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