Gärtner 43th Auction – Some Remarks

It is always nice seeing Armenian items in auctions. In this auction you can find several lots containing single items, small sets and also large collections. Among them the following lots which are not difficult to assign as forged – if you are familiar with how the genuine overprints look.

All show a similar kind of forgery. Some of the basic stamps are also forgeries. I wish they would provide better scans. There is room for improvement. Other auction house do better.

This set has always been a popular target for forgers. I guess because it seems easy to just use some random number cancel and red ink. The auction house has already withdrawn the lots so there is not danger anymore.

I quote the description text from one of the lots: “An absolute gem.”

Her another – well known and older – forgery. Beware.

ex SG. 36c/44d
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2 Responses to Gärtner 43th Auction – Some Remarks

  1. trevor pateman says:

    Yes. The older forgery of “35” on genuine 20 000 is dangerous. The clue is the blue-black ink, paler than the genuine. In a collection, I suggest putting this forgery next to the genuine item – then you see the differences. But it is still a very good forgery.

  2. Arkady Sarkisyan says:

    Referring to the Erivan issue I completely agree. Some of the basic stamps are forgeries. The overprints are crude forgeries.

    The forgery of “35” kopeck on genuine 20 000 R. is rough forgery. It is easy to determine the forgery, because in addition to other sort of ink used to spoil this nice block of four, the shape of figures “3” and “5” is obviously different from the genuine.

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