Postal stationary with ruble overprint and Elenovka cancel

The latest addition to my collection is this blank Zsarist postal stationary, surcharged with 5 Rubles and cancelled to order Elenovka “b”. Those stationary were produced when new, not 30 Kop. overprinted, stationaries were received from country districts. At some point the owner of this postcard had it cancelled to order in Elenovka. Perhaps on the way to Tiflis. Serebrakian and Boels come to mind but since nothing was written on the card this is pure speculation.

Elenovka was a post station on the important road link between Tiflis and Erivan. Located on the western shore of Lake Sevan.

Imperial Russian Stamps Used In Transcaucasia – P. T. Ashford
Postal Stationary surcharged with 5 Rubles including HH monogram. C.T.O. Elenovka Eriv. / * * b
The date is unreadable – year seems to be 20. The Elenovka cancellation is quite rare. Zakiyan number is S21. Ashford only lists two different cancels for Elenovka at all. This one being Type 2 used between “? 1913 – ? 1923”. All the examples in my collection show the same weak ink.
The overprint shows the typical ink and shape of the genuine 5r HH Type 3.
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  1. Arkady Sarkisyan says:

    The postal stationary is genuine. Evidently this item was cancelled to order. If so, the question arises, why the cancellation was made in a such sloopy way? I hesitate to make any conclusion related to this postmark.

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