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Digital Forgery?

I bought some lots on Delcampe that I thought looked promising. One item is this block of four. Here is the image the seller put on Delcampe. What do you think? I was in a hurry and made a bet, … Continue reading

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Overprints on Romanov and charity stamps

Some enthusiasts brought stamps of the Romanov and the charity set to Armenia and had them overprinted. Later forgers discovered that they like these stamps too. They are bigger and just look like more. Nowadays collectors often think likewise. Still, … Continue reading

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Variations of the 10 Ruble Dashnak Overprint

For those who are interested, there is much more to discover than what the catalogs suggest. This is especially true for the 10 ruble HH overprint. Not only is there a second type – which is described by Tchilinghirian and … Continue reading

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A Big Error in Michel

Catalog prices for Armenian stamps generally are a problem. Some stamps are missing, some are overpriced, some underpriced and some stamps listed simply don’t exist. Part of the problem is that each of the publishers of stamp catalogs had another … Continue reading

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All fake

Two lots currently on Delcampe offered by a seller from Hungary. There is not a single genuine overprint on both lots. Also, please meet the fantasy cancel – again.

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