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Forgeries of the Fiscal Overprint on the Paris Issue stamps

The so called Paris issue or Chassepot issue (the name of the printing works in Paris) was never brought into use since once it arrived in Erevan, the Armenian communist had taken over and the Dashnaks who ordered this issue … Continue reading

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Fantasy prices

In Germany we call prices of goods that are (for our understanding) way above what is reasonably “moon prices” or “prices from the moon”. At Gärtner Auctions you can find this item: The overprint is looking fine. The item is … Continue reading

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Forgeries at Cherrystone

Some of the most common overprint forgeries on the First Essayan Pictorial Issue can (again) be bought at Cherrystone. This forgery of the 35 Gold-kopeck overprint is quite crude and easily spotted. You can check here  for my article with … Continue reading

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New Addition to the collection

The lilac overprints of the HH (ruble) overprints are much rarer then the black ones. In order to get a feeling for the look of the genuine ink you need several items with this overprint, the more the better. This … Continue reading

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Eyecandy: Four Times the 50 Rubly Overprint on Charity Stamps

  This block of four features: – two canceled (to order) stamps – two mint stamps – the more common Erivan “m” cancel that is most of the time found on CTO (canceled to order) stamps – an overprint flaw: … Continue reading

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Forged Overprints on Reprints

Currently on Delcampe: 10 lots offered by the same seller sharing a common flaw – the stamps are reprints and the overprints are all fake. A rather strong self-confidence probably in conjunction with ignorance of the details of the stamps … Continue reading

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Nice and typical example of one of the easier to spot unframed Z forgeries

The shape of the unframed “Z” is very typical and once you know it, quite easy to spot. Enjoy this forgery offered on Delcampe for meager 72 Euro. Dead giveaway: both handles are tilting down facing the floor.

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Rare Chassepot Design Proofs

Within the issues of the Chassepot printing a lot of essays and errors are known. All of those can also be found – in different compositions – in the book of proofs that were made by Behr after buying them … Continue reading

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Overprints on the postal savings stamps

Genuine overprints on these stamps are quite rare. Only very small quantities of those were present in the stocks of the postal agencies – if at all. Genuine overprints exist, most of them are probably counter productions or made by … Continue reading

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Dubious cancels and overprints again

I have already written about stamps and covers being offered from Armenia that wear forged cancels. Right now on Delcampe are more of these. While the pictures are not really good and therefore its not easy to be absolutely sure, … Continue reading

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