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Holds the different sections

Unusual pairs

One reader of my blog send me this scan. The overprints are looking good. They are most likely genuine – the framed Z looking like E6. What makes those items rare is the combination of framed and unframed Zs. This … Continue reading

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Raritan auction #66

A short comment to the current auction at Raritan. The Armenian stuff looks quite good. The got some interesting items. For example that one: This is one of the more difficult overprints. If the basic features (stamp itself) are ok, … Continue reading

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Framed Zs what is rare and what is not

When dealing with stamps often the question about rarity arises. Normally you can use a catalog and you will get an answer. Perhaps you have a second catalog (e.g. a local one) or you need to use a factor to … Continue reading

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Forgeries of the Fiscal Overprint on the Paris Issue stamps

The so called Paris issue or Chassepot issue (the name of the printing works in Paris) was never brought into use since once it arrived in Erevan, the Armenian communist had taken over and the Dashnaks who ordered this issue … Continue reading

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A page of the Ashford collection

Recently I was able to get hold on an original page of the Ashford collection. Peter T. Ashford together with S. D. Tchilinghirian created back in 1953 one of the most important works regarding the stamps of Armenia. Page four … Continue reading

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Forgeries at Cherrystone

Some of the most common overprint forgeries on the First Essayan Pictorial Issue can (again) be bought at Cherrystone. This forgery of the 35 Gold-kopeck overprint is quite crude and easily spotted. You can check here ¬†for my article with … Continue reading

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New Addition to the collection

The lilac overprints of the HH (ruble) overprints are much rarer then the black ones. In order to get a feeling for the look of the genuine ink you need several items with this overprint, the more the better. This … Continue reading

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