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Forged Overprints On Forged Stamps – There are buyers!

What have all stamps shown below in common? Well, all the basic stamps are forgeries. Can the overprints then be genuine? Of course not. And they are not. Why do some buyers offer over 100 USD for some of these? … Continue reading

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Ebay lot with many framed “Z”s

This is a lot from another ebay seller. I have marked all fake overprints with an “F” and all genuine looking ones with an “G”. Overprints which need more detailed study are left unmarked. Enjoy!

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Ebay Lot with JR Stolow Signature

All these stamps were offered by the same seller. It is interesting to see that the same house mark (J. & R. STOLOW) – which is NOT an expertizing mark – is on stamps with genuine looking overprints as well … Continue reading

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Beware of the dogs (Forgeries)!

All of the overprints and all of the stamps that were produced during 1919 till 23 were forged. Forging started already during the time when the stamps were used – you could fetch high prices for those stamps in Europe … Continue reading

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I am a collector of the stamps of Armenia that have been made and used from the start of the First Republic in 1918 till the end of the Transcaucasian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in 1923. Soon I encountered a … Continue reading

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