Fantasy prices

In Germany we call prices of goods that are (for our understanding) way above what is reasonably “moon prices” or “prices from the moon”.

At Gärtner Auctions you can find this item:30.Auktion

The overprint is looking fine. The item is ok; lots of folds. Not perfect – but still nice. The catalog value for a single stamp (k.60.k) on 1 Kop unperforated in Liapin is 0.35 Euro. Michel is 7.50 Euro. I tend to agree with Liapin in this case, but still if we go with the higher one, 15 stamps add up to 112.5 Euro. You can apply some factor because it is a multiple. The factor is sometime above 1 – for really interesting and rare items – and sometimes below 1 – the stamps are not rare or multiples are not rare. (Dealer often destroyed large multiples because the could get more money by selling a lot of small items.) In this case I would say it should be a bit above 1 but not much. Perhaps 1.1. Multiples of this stamp are not such rare and the stamp itself is very common. That the lower part of the sheet is not overprinted is, like upside-down overprint nothing really rare at this time. It is nice, but not more. This means a catalog value of about 125 Euro.

If you ask me, I would say the item is worth perhaps 30 Euro. If you find a solvent buyer, perhaps up to 60 Euro.

The auctions house lists this item at 2,500.00 Euro. This is what I call a moon price.

I know that a lot of collectors are not living in the real world, when they think or talk about the value of their collection. They tend to assume some remark in a book about how rare a special characteristic is equates in direct market value. Things are most of the time not as easy as such. The market is not emotionally bonded with the items. For a rare item you need someone who is interested AND got the money. For all items above 500 Euro this is going to be difficult. Exceptions are the famous rare items of the large collection areas. Those often are investment objects.

Besides these single items you can always find moon prices for collections at almost all auctions.

Btw, there are some nice items at Gärtner with low starting prices and real genuine material which did not get a bid…All between 50 and 150 Euro.

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