Working with the ARTAR Catalog – Odds and Errors : Part 5

The 35 kopek on 20.000 rubles overprint.

This overprint is actually quite rare. 99% of all items on ebay and co are fake. The most common fake also made it in the catalog. The overprints on Artar Stamp Type I is a common forgery.

Faked overprint. Often with signature “AG” on the backside.

This is what a genuine overprint looks like.

The genuine overprint in detail.

The forgery in detail. Shape is wrong, ink blueish.

Beware, much better forgeries of this overprint exist. This overprint is unused quite rare, even used not often to find and when used, the stamps have more then not the “k” correction.

PS: Fake, Genuine, Fake, Fake

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