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Gärtner 43th Auction – Some Remarks

It is always nice seeing Armenian items in auctions. In this auction you can find several lots containing single items, small sets and also large collections. Among them the following lots which are not difficult to assign as forged – … Continue reading

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Fake covers with Erivan ‘d’ cancel in Berlin auction

In the last entry about the fake covers in the Raritan auction was a reduced cover with a forged Erivan ‘d’ cancel. Apparently that is not the only case a reduced cover was pimped up. Here are two reduced covers … Continue reading

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Raritan Auction #79

Again there are several lots with Armenian stamps and items in their auction. Here are my thoughts on some of them. Let us start with the newspaper items. I am always quite skeptical when I see them. The newspaper with … Continue reading

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Some comments to the Raritan items from #78

Newspaper with stamps The stamps are added and the cancel is forged. Postcard with overprint and added stamp And the enlarged fragment Those cards are not too uncommon since Serebrakian produced a lot which he sent to his brother in … Continue reading

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Plate varieties of the 500 ruble stamp of the First Essayan issue

Some of the stamps of the first pictorial issue spot some very distinctive plate varieties. So far not much is described in the literature in detail. Only the “old” Zakiyan/Saltikov book lists some varieties. Included are the basic variations like … Continue reading

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Covers at Raritan – some first thoughts

No 77 of the Raritan auction lists some interesting items. Here are my thoughts to each one. 1. The picture postcard with the early date The picture postcard looks quite clean but I do not like the framed Z. They … Continue reading

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One of the rare stamps of the Ruble overprint Issue

Recently I got a hold off quite a rare stamp. But let us zoom in from the outside, starting with the Dashnak overprints. During the first Republic, when the Dashnak government ruled the newly independent country, the overprinting process started … Continue reading

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Repairs – forger or plastic surgeon?

Sometimes stamps or covers and postcards are damaged. Stamps can get tears, lose dents or even larger parts of their paper. Often parts of the gum are missing, disturbed or even all gum is lost. Postcards (also covers etc.) often … Continue reading

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The postal stationary of Armenia

Together with the first overprints on stamps the Armenian postal office also overprinted postal stationary. While the stamps, starting with the k60k overprints are well known, the stationary are not. It even took a couple of years before the stationary … Continue reading

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Forgeries at Raritan #74

There are some forgeries among the items presented in the current auction. The first two items got fake overprints. The Jemchouchin signature is probably faked too. Both stamps were not available at the time in the post office stocks. They … Continue reading

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