Forged Overprints on Reprints

Currently on Delcampe: 10 lots offered by the same seller sharing a common flaw – the stamps are reprints and the overprints are all fake. A rather strong self-confidence probably in conjunction with ignorance of the details of the stamps from Armenia allow the seller to try to charge over 600 Euro for all 10 lots together.

Lot 1

The unclear frames, the missing secret marks and the type of the perforation make it clear, that the stamps are forgeries (in this case the so called Reprints). Shape of the overprints is wrong to, but still one of the better tries.

Lot 2






Again a reprint and the overprint is a bad attempt at the real thing. The seller asks for 150 Euro for this crudely faked item…

Lot 3






Reprints with crude overprint forgeries.

Lot 4


If genuine that would be quite rare overprints. Again both are fake and placed on forged stamps.

Lot 5


Looks like a child played with his new cancels… All fake.

Lot 6






A good attempt on the overprint, but placed on a reprint. Stamp and overprint are fake.

Lot 7


With the exception of the “5” (for which I am not sure and give the benefit of doubt at this place) all overprints are fake. Most of the stamps are reprints too.

Lot 8






Another faked item.

Lot 9






Both fake.

Lot 10






Clearly a reprint type forgery of the basic stamps. The overprint is fake too.

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  1. Dr. Ray Ceresa says:

    Most of these forgeries, applied to the “reprints” are illustrated in my Forgery Guide, No. 16, “Armenia -The Gold Kopeck Surcharges’ which catalogues the forgeries in my “Russian Civil War, 1917=1923” collection which is being given, volume by volume to the Royal Philatelic Society London.

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