Another dangerous field. Of all the pictorial issues exist reprints which differ from the genuine stamps and are just fakes. Here an example. The stamp would be rare and interesting, if this were the real issue. The seller writes in the notes far below the image: “Reprint issue”. So its one of the sellers, that knows what he sells. Thats rare, most just offer the stamp and wait if someone bids.

Be aware that there exist several rare and interesting variations of genuine stamps and they often have an “ugly” twin in the reprint class.

This is on eBay with “Buy It now” of $100. Is this worth $100 if its just a reprint? You decide.

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  1. Dr. Ray Ceresa says:

    I gave up telling sellers on e-Bay that their items were forged when e-Bay removed the ‘contact seller’ from the pages. One seller whose material was often 90% forged blocked my bidding on genuine items! You can e-mail me if you want details of the seller.

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