Ugliest Forgery Ever

Right now on ebay. That just looks so very wrong.

There are 3 types of forgeries.

Crude forgeries.

Just like the example above. Once you have seen the genuine thing, you will never be fooled by this. Still a problem with rare overprints/items or at the beginning, when you have not yet a large collection.

Typical forgeries.

That are forgeries that can be classified by a certain attribute. There are a couple of forgeries in the framed and unframed “Z” section that belong to this type. The “Z”s on the example above are an example.

Dangerous forgeries.

Some forgeries are very well executed. Ink and shape is very similar to the genuine ones. The good news here is: you have already left 80% of the fake stamps on the market behind you. The bad news is: you will need a lot of comparison material and literature now.

I will show some of the typical forgeries in the next weeks. That should help along.

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  1. Dr. Ray Ceresa says:

    These are all illustrated in my Forgery Guide No 3R (Jan 2011) amongst 60 different forgeries illustrated and identified and I am sure there are still others I have not seen in 50 years of collecting Armenian stamps and still more will follow. Enlarged illustrations of known genuine enable the forgeries to be easily identified.

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