Selling Forgeries as Proofs

The stamps of this pictorial set come in three types: original printings, reprints (with weaker colors) and forgeries. In this case the forgeries are easy to detect. The imprint is much cruder then on the originals. Also the secret marks are not present. Still this seller from New York just claims this to be Proofs. Pretty brazen.

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3 Responses to Selling Forgeries as Proofs

  1. Chas Elgood says:

    I think that the major problem for the general collector is the lack of knowledge of where to find specialist information on these and other issues of early Armenia. For my area of collecting (Dashnak Period) I rely on Dr. Ceresa’s Guides and the knowledge of Mr. Trevor Pateman who has proved to be a very great help in my quest for knowledge on my collecting for which I thank him. I have come across dealers who should know better selling obvious forgeries and reprints but for the uninformed general collector it can be an expensive minefield of misinformation. As I collect I gain knowledge but I started with a perfect dealer in my topic – many are not so lucky.

    Chas Elgood

  2. shiv says:

    I second that, Trevor was the “guru” who kickstarted my armenian and azeri collections. I was lucky to buy a lot of very good material off him when Armenia, still wasnt very popular, including a reference collection of forgeries he made up for me, with detailed explanations. Later i had the chance to interact with the “greats” like Doc. Ceresa and Prof. Zakiyan in Yerevan (who sold me a huge collection of his duplicate revenues on paper for a dollar each )

  3. Dr. Ray Ceresa says:

    These forgeries were printed on the same sheet from a large plate, in the two colours, one sheet in reddish pink, the other in the grey shade. Consequently pairs and blocks are offered with two different values side by side. Trevor Pateman has a complete sheet plus my stock of singles.

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