Forged Covers

There are couple of sellers that operate from Armenia. Some of them had a lot of genuine material, some had mixed genuine and forged. Lately I encounter more frequently a certain kind of forged cancellations within their stocks (see a few posts below for an example). Here are two covers with bear the same kind of fake-cancels. Probably all made by the same person and, since they first appear within the stock of Armenian sellers, produced in Armenia. The theme is always to use genuine more or less common or ugly material and pimp it up with fake cancels. The cancels are crudely drawn, the circles not equally round, digits and characters unclean and distorted. Beware!

Forged Alexandropol cancel.

The basic letter is probably genuine. But the two cancels are certainly not. 


Forged Alexandropol railway station cancel.

Second Forged  cancel.

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  1. Dr. Ray Ceresa says:

    The forgers ruined a very nice piece, almost certainly used at Kars where no canceller was available at that period of time. In nearly 50 years of collecting Armenian material I have only come across a few pieces with this type of cancellation. Easy to forge bt genuine rare.

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