Dubious cancels and overprints again

I have already written about stamps and covers being offered from Armenia that wear forged cancels. Right now on Delcampe are more of these. While the pictures are not really good and therefore its not easy to be absolutely sure, I have serious doubts regarding the overprints and the cancels. I consider those items to be dangerous forgeries.

I don’t like the manuscript overprint and the cancel. Also, it seems there is already a weak impression of another cancel on the stamp. Looks like someone tested his pimp up skills.

The overprint looks really bad and the cancel too.

While the basic shape of the overprint is ok, ink and border is definitely not. Cancel looks fishy too.

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  1. Dr. Ray Ceresa says:

    The basic stamps are genuine and the right shades of printing for the period of use. I have not checked the overprints against those in my Forgery Guide, No16.

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