More crude forgeries of the framed “Z” type

I already showed and discussed the contorted type found on the 1 kopek stamps. Now lets have a look at the forged overprint on the 5 and 7 rubles 50 kopek stamps. This too is spots a typical form thats easy to detect. The border line is much to thick and the corners way too rounded. The ink also looks wrong.

The fake overprint.

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  1. Dr. Ray Ceresa says:

    I am just completing my Forgery Guide for the Medium and large HP Monogram overprints, a triple number 26/28 (shortly to be handed over to the Royal Philatelic Society London with that part of my forgery collection, as part of my future bequest of 1.2 million identified different forgeries). I stopped working on this guide when I reached page 120 which shows illustrations of forgery types F325 to F350. I hope to live long enough to complete this series. More important than the 350 forgery illustrations are the large scale illustrations of the genuine types.

  2. Chas Elgood says:

    I would love to purchase this guide when it becomes available – just tell me how much and where from. It will be a great addition.

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