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Rare stamps of the first Essayan pictorial set

If you want to collect all stamps from this set, you face not much hurdles. The most obvious problem are the forgeries and the reprints. Once you got that sorted out the stamps are quite common and you wont need … Continue reading

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Recent Additions – the gutter block

The latest addition to my collection is this horizontal gutter block (a pair is only two stamps). The basic stamp is the 2000 ruble value from the unissued first Essayan set. With all the pictorial sets it is important to … Continue reading

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A possible world record – three overprints on one stamp

I did not check all the stamps issued all over the world. But let’s have a look at this one:The stamp originally issued during the tsar regime had a face value of one Kopeck. It got a first overprint after the … Continue reading

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The 15 Overprint in Detail

The 15 Gold Kopeck Overprint as quite common, just like the 20 Gold Kopeck from the post before. Still the forgeries are much more difficult to spot. Part of the problem is the dark and well inked background, which hides … Continue reading

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The 20 overprint in Detail

The 20 Goldkopeck overprint is quite common. Still the forgers did not neglect it and we can discuss the different types of forgeries. This is a genuine overprint on a genuine basic stamp. Please not the blue signature on top … Continue reading

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Bash Nurashen or Bash Norashen

The newest addition to my collection and also a nice and valuable reference item is the following card, which was sent to a world war I prisoner from his brother in Bash Norashen. And the back side: The card was … Continue reading

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Corinphila Auction With Armenian Lots

The 173. Corinphila auction features a lot (in comparison) of Armenian items. Many of which come with short opinions made by me. Browse Armenian lots of the 173. Corinphila Auction Lot 823 shows a genuine (in my opinion) overprint on … Continue reading

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Eyecandy: Four Times the 50 Rubly Overprint on Charity Stamps

  This block of four features: – two canceled (to order) stamps – two mint stamps – the more common Erivan “m” cancel that is most of the time found on CTO (canceled to order) stamps – an overprint flaw: … Continue reading

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Rare Chassepot Design Proofs

Within the issues of the Chassepot printing a lot of essays and errors are known. All of those can also be found – in different compositions – in the book of proofs that were made by Behr after buying them … Continue reading

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Working with the ARTAR Catalog – Odds and Errors : Part 2

On page 20 the different types and sizes of the Framed Monograms are listed. I am asking myself: How come there are two formerly not described small types a and a1 (7mm diameter)? Why is the small type described by … Continue reading

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