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Working with the ARTAR Catalog – Odds and Errors : Part 1

While working with the Artar catalog I encountered many odd things, that made me stop and thinking and also – sic – a lot of outright errors. While no work of this complexity is without faults the sheer quantity of … Continue reading

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Variations of the 10 Ruble Dashnak Overprint

For those who are interested, there is much more to discover than what the catalogs suggest. This is especially true for the 10 ruble HH overprint. Not only is there a second type – which is described by Tchilinghirian and … Continue reading

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A Big Error in Michel

Catalog prices for Armenian stamps generally are a problem. Some stamps are missing, some are overpriced, some underpriced and some stamps listed simply don’t exist. Part of the problem is that each of the publishers of stamp catalogs had another … Continue reading

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Nice find – upside down on early k60k overprint

When searching for some other thing I stumbled upon this multiple. Something was wrong. I had to look several times but then I spotted it. The first k60k hand stamps was applied upside down. This is quite rare for this … Continue reading

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Rare Second Essayan Multiple

This item just sold for about $100. From the weak print its already apparent, that this is not from the original printing, but from the reprints. Also, tete-beches are not possible within the original printing, since one design was used … Continue reading

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Ebay lot with many framed “Z”s

This is a lot from another ebay seller. I have marked all fake overprints with an “F” and all genuine looking ones with an “G”. Overprints which need more detailed study are left unmarked. Enjoy!

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Ebay Lot with JR Stolow Signature

All these stamps were offered by the same seller. It is interesting to see that the same house mark (J. & R. STOLOW) – which is NOT an expertizing mark – is on stamps with genuine looking overprints as well … Continue reading

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