Working with the ARTAR Catalog – Odds and Errors : Part 2

On page 20 the different types and sizes of the Framed Monograms are listed.

I am asking myself:

  • How come there are two formerly not described small types a and a1 (7mm diameter)?
  • Why is the small type described by Tchilinghirian and Ceresa (E.1a) missing?
  • Why is a well know forgery (Tchilinghirian D.1d here as type c) listed?

This is the smallest framed Z overprint as described by Tchilinghirian and Ceresa. Diameter is 7mm. Its not listed in Artar, but there you can find the formerly unknown types a and a1. Can anyone provide a scan of a cover with one or both of the new Artar types?

Type c as described by Artar and then D.1d as shown in Tchilinghirian.

And the forgery in natura.

You can find a lot of pictures of the forgery D.1d over the catalog. For instance two times here on page 26.

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