Working with the ARTAR Catalog – Odds and Errors : Part 3

Forged overprints on page 24.

And a super ugly one on page 28.

On page 33 you will find two forged overprints where both overprints are forged: Please meet a k.60.k F2 forgery together with a forged framed Z and for completeness an F1 forgery, also together with a forged framed Z.

Another incredible ugly one on page 35. So obvious.

On page 36 a D.1d type forgery and a forged overprint on a “rare” stamp (the basic stamps were not available at the post office, someone had to bring them in the country and get them overprinted at the counter). The stamp itself is not rare.

Two crude forgeries and again a forged overprint on a “rare” stamp on page 38.

Three crude forgeries. Page 40.

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